If you would like a business "GAME CHANGER", you need this innovative NEW TOOL!

Generate new sales, get SEEN, generate referrals and  quickly put your face in front of others with this amazing new video SALES creation platform.

What is Video Messager?

Video Messager allows you record and send 1-on-1 personalized video messages to someone or to groups of people through email & text messages and instantly creates a webpage.

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  • Software instanty creates a video and webpage at the same time!
  • Automatically tracks when each video message is opened!
  • Automatically creates an easily shareable link!
  • Can be branded with your OWN LOGO!
  • No software to download!
  • Just log in and get started!
  • Easy software to use!
  • No website or hosting fee's EVER! All included!
  • Create unlimited # of video messages!
  • Create unlimited # of webpages!
  • Generates new sales and leads!
  • Great for followup, sales, new offers, company videos, meeting recap and more!
  • A super simple video marketing system for the everyday person!
  • 10X more effective than a plain email!

How does it work?

Step 1:  Record Your Video Message On Your Cell Phone, Computer Or Tablet

Step 2:  Create The Video Message and web page in 1 simple step

Final Step : Send Your Message Via Email, Text or Simply Share The Link

Your client can view the video message via computer, tablet or cellphone

Track & Get Notified When Client Opens or Plays the Video Message

Vid Messager uses Twilio For SMS texting

Twilio Charges $1 per month per phone number & $0.0075 per sms. That's not even a penny. For 1,000 SMS, it would cost $7.5 USD.

There is no need to purchase a new number. You can use your existing Twilio Number & This feature is OPTIONAL

Why You Should Buy This?

Video Messager will help you set yourself apart from other by letting you send personalized video message via EMAIL & SMS.  It also let you track who opened or played the video message as well.

Your clients are more likely to respond to you & purchase from you because of this face to face interaction.    Platform also lets clients request a call from you,  Tap to call & Tap To SMS, making it easy for clients to get in tou

Who Should Buy This?


"I don't how you do it, another incredible product!"

Tim Z

Special Launch Price-


$19 Per Month

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Special Launch Price-


$199 Per Year

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100%, 30 day money back guarantee!

A simple credit back to your Paypal account if you are not ENTIRELY happy with this product!

Meet The Creator

Rod Potter

" I have used LinkedIn for the past 10 years to build my network by 10's of thousands but never had a good way to reach out to them until now.  This online software revolutionizes how sales, branding, and followup are done."

Rod Potter